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Waxifiscents began as a hobby for our sister Jacqueline who started making soy wax melts from her kitchen in Ayrshire in 2020 during lockdown as a hobby. She enjoyed making them so much that she asked her three sisters if they also wanted to get involved. Pauline, Joanne & Lisa quickly found themselves enjoying making them too and found that it brought them all closer together and encouraged them to spend more quality time together doing something they all enjoyed even our mum Liz joined in. Waxifiscents HQ quickly expanded to take over the office space in Jacqueline's home, we were amazed and thankful at the support from our family & friends and how popular our soy wax melts became we have now expanded our range to include ceramic wax burners, reed diffusers and accessories. We are also currently testing room sprays and candles to add to our ranges which we will also continue to expand exciting times ahead.  

The name Waxifiscents is derived from the magnificent products we have created and the stars in the  logo represent us four girls and our mum, with the shooting star above representing our dad, John who always looks over us from above.

The four of us have been lucky enough to be supported through life by our mum and together we have been on an unimaginable journey over the years with Breast Cancer diagnosis in two of the girls which lead to a faulty BRCA gene being detected in all but one of the females in our close-knit family. This later lead to a lot of gruelling treatments and risk reducing surgeries, but thankfully with medical interventions and the love and support of each other we are all here today to tell the tale and thriving.

You may wonder why we have decided to share this as part of our story but our hope is by sharing this story it will encourage people to check themselves regularly, seek early treatment and let people going through any kind of diagnosis or treatment know that they are not alone in their journey. We hope that our story will let people see how hope, love and determination can help to overcome the most difficult hurdles in life.

This experience has taught all of us the importance of family and living life to the fullest and in light of this we want to encourage our customers to experience new things, make time for each other, live, laugh, have fun and enjoy every day. Spend time with loved ones and make precious memories together.

We hope that our scents will help calm your senses and allow you to create some of those memorable experiences.

"Smell is the most powerful sense to provoke a memory or emotion and our dream is that through time our scents will evoke those memories for you"

With love the Waxifiscents Team x
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